Easy Music Theory With Gary Ewer


Gary EwerBack in 1998, Easy Music Theory was a website that I developed to help my own high school music students. If I recall correctly, it started with eight lessons, meant to cover Royal Conservatory Grade 1. Over the years, I kept adding to the list of lessons, addressing the diminishing time we music teachers had at school to properly teach the rudiments of music.


Now, Easy Music Theory with Gary Ewer is a 25-lesson video-based course. Once you've completed Lesson 25, you have the same music theory knowledge that students auditioning for most music colleges need to have.


Easy Music Theory contains:


  1. 25 lessons that cover 25 separate concepts of rudimentary music;
  2. A short video of me describing the concept for that particular lesson. You start each lesson by watching the video;
  3. Worksheets that allow you to practice the musical concept for the given lesson.
  4. A quiz for each lesson, which shows you either that you have understood the materials, or indicates where you may need some extra help.
  5. Answer sheets for each lesson.


You do not need a teacher to do this course. It is meant to be self-directed, and any student from high school age onward should be able to complete the lessons and understand the materials with a minimal amount of assistance.


Teachers can use the materials with their own students, and I have used it myself in the classroom, at junior high (age 12-15), senior high (age 15-18) as well as with my foundational university students who need some brushing up.


When you buy the Easy Music Theory course, you'll be taken directly to a download page. You'll also receive an email with the download information. Due to the size of the files in this course, Easy Music Theory comes in three separate zipped files. The download links will be active for 24 hours after purchasing, so please download all threefiles as soon as you are directed to the download page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly.


NOTE: Because of the format of the course, Easy Music theory is meant to be used on a laptop or desktop computer. An iPad/mobile version coming soon!


I hope you enjoy Easy Music Theory, and I trust that you'll see exactly how easy it can be to learn the important rudiments of music! -Gary Ewer 


$59 USD

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